Friday, April 13, 2018

Only the rich need apply

The Australian government has quietly made it harder for poorer migrant families to financially back their relatives in visa applications. In most cases, the families of new migrants will need to earn more than double what was previously required.

For example, if a couple in Australia wants to act as financial backers for their parents, they will need to earn a combined $115,475 a year, instead of $45,185. A single person who wants to vouch for their parents will need to earn $86,606, rather than $45,185.40.
The changes will also significantly increase the amount families need to have as “security” – usually a bank guarantee – for new migrants in some visa categories from April 2019.
The government also intends to introduce the 12-month assurance of support requirement for part of Australia’s humanitarian intake, through the community sponsorship program.

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