Friday, March 16, 2018

Syria's Statistics

- About 511,000 people have been killed in the Syrian war since it began seven years ago.
- More than 6 million people are uprooted within Syria and more than 5 million are refugees in neighbouring countries - mostly in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan - and also throughout Europe.
- Syrian refugees in neighbouring Lebanon are becoming poorer, with more than three-quarters living on less than $4 per day - leaving children at risk of child labour and early marriage. - About 66,000 refugees returned to Syria in 2017.
- More than 3,900 civilians, including hundreds of minors and women, left Eastern Ghouta, the besieged rebel stronghold on the outskirts of Damascus, on Thursday in the largest displacement from the area since the government forces imposed their siege in 2013.
-Syrians are likely to file more than 2 million lawsuits seeking restitution for lost and damaged property.
-2.9 million Syrians live in U.N.-declared hard-to-reach and besieged locations. 
- 6.5 million people in Syria lack enough to eat, while a further four million people are at risk of going hungry.
-In the first two months of this year there had been 67 verified attacks on health facilities, health workers and infrastructure. That amounted to more than half of all verified attacks in 2017.

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