Tuesday, March 27, 2018

SACRE BLEU! (weekly poem)

To the chagrin of Brexiteers, the Government's announced that
new blue British Passports are to be produced by a French firm.

Attention all you Brexiteers!
There’s a new EU stench,
Our brand new true-blue passports are,
To be made by the French;
It is, chaps, one can only say,
A chauvinistic wrench!
UKIP have had a mortal fit,
It is completely true,
That British Passports won't be made,
By Britain's, 'De la Rue';
But by the Frogs and in the shade,
Of Tricolore French blue!

It's really like the London Times,
And Sun in foreign hands,
As well as British Energy
And other well-known brands; (1)
And means our whole Establishment,
Is based on shifting sands.
It’s feared the Empire's end is nigh,
The Monarchy will wane,
Prince Charles will end up on the dole,
Before he starts his reign;
The BBC and Dimbleby,
Won't be the same again.

'Twould seem that patriotic thoughts,
Are shunned for a quick buck,
And honest profiteering made,
To dance to just sheer luck;
As such the London Stock Exchange,
Will be quite thunderstruck.
The Froggies should take all the blame,
For the bad state we're in,
But being British we all know,
We'll take it on the chin;
But why can't firms be British like,
Dear old 'Beafeater Gin'?! (2)

(1) 'British' firms that are French owned: EDF Energy; LEB; SWEB;
Seaboard; British Energy, AXA; Glenlivet; Chivas Regal; Veolia.
Part-owned:Thameslink; South Eastern Rail; London Midland Rail.

(2) Beafeater Gin was bought by the French firm, Pernod Ricard.

© Richard Layton

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