Sunday, March 18, 2018

Marx Pays a Visit to Foxconn

A translation of an illustrated piece recently circulated among electronics workers in the Pearl River Delta, followed by a commentary by Victor Grant. The Chinese version (马克思来到富士康,他惊呆了!) was originally published last spring on WeiGongHui (微工荟 — “WeChat Union”), an independent platform of news and analysis by and for young migrant workers in southern China.

“Oh my! It’s one thing to get rid of the bosses, but quite another to eliminate this repugnant system! We’ve still got a long way to go before the workers are truly liberated. Marx decides to set aside his writing for a moment and go visit the world’s largest processing plant: Foxconn
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“There has never been a savior,
we cannot depend on gods or emperors.
 If we want to create good fortune for humankind,
 we must do it entirely on our own!”

(Lines from Chinese version of “The Internationale.”)

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