Sunday, March 18, 2018

CEO snouts in the trough

Corporate executives today head up about two-thirds of America’s top 1% households.
The CEO of Marathon Petroleum, Gary Heminger, took home an astonishing 935 times more pay than his typical employee in 2017.
 In other words, one of Marathon’s gas station workers would have to toil more than nine centuries to make as much as Heminger grabbed in just one year.
Employees of at least five other US firms would have to work even longer – more than a millennium – to catch up with their top bosses. 
These companies include:
 the auto parts maker Aptiv (CEO-worker pay ratio: 2,526 to 1),
 the temp agency Manpower (2,483 to 1), 
amusement park owner Six Flags (1,920 to 1), 
Del Monte Produce (1,465 to 1), 
and apparel maker VF (1,353 to 1).

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