Tuesday, January 16, 2018

THE ‘FREE’ BREXITEERS! (weekly poem)

(Apologies to Alexandre Dumas)

Mrs May's decision to replace the existing red British passport
by a patriotic True-Blue one has brought cheers from Brexiteers.

I stroll through EU Customs now,
In the new 'slow-track' queue;
There's long delays, but I am thrilled,
My passport is True-Blue!

Of course now when I sail across,
To Europe's nearest shore;
The hold-ups at each border-post,
Are something of a chore.

But all this doesn't faze me 'cos,
I meet these foes with glee;
My Union Jack underwear,
Declares my sovereignty!

I'm proud now to be British as,
My world was one long void;
Although I cannot speak for all,
The extra unemployed.

Quite soon I'll be invited to,
A 'do' at Number Ten;
It's never happened up to now,
It's just a case of... when!

I'm patriotic to the core,
It fills life with romance;
As do our sweatshops who now make,
My 'Empire' underpants!

© Richard Layton

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