Thursday, January 18, 2018

Poverty is a crime under capitalism

Naima Sakande, women's justice advocate at the Centre for Criminal Appeals, said: "Poverty is not a crime and our judicial system needs to do more to acknowledge this."

Cardiff's High Court now ruled up to perhaps 18% of jailings for debt could be unlawfully given each year.

Barrister Cathryn McGahey QC, has estimated the number of unlawful committals to prison each year at a much higher figure of 52%.

The judgement said: "Ms McGahey appears to be right to condemn the relevant magistrates (and their legal advisers) as being ignorant of well-established law."

Naima Sakande, said: "The toll of being sent to prison unlawfully cannot be overstated and more must be done to protect society's most vulnerable from needlessly losing their liberty."

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