Saturday, January 13, 2018

Lazy Liberal Thought

A refreshing read from Paul Street on Counterpunch website.

It is well worth quoting from.

"Liberals and other Democrats are getting dumber by the day...It’s all about Trump. It’s Trump this, Trump that. All day long. Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, and Trump some more...There’s no social and power structures that matter. There’s no underlying class rule or longstanding capitalist ecocide, no dominant oppressive institutions, no ideologies that matter….no history that matters.

Racism? It’s cuz of Trump.
Sexism?  Trump did it.
Threat of nuclear holocaust?  Blame Trump.
Inequality and plutocracy?  The handiwork of Boss Tweet, that bastard.
Climate change?  You know the answer: big stupid Trump.
Liberals have fallen prey to what one of my Canadian correspondents, Gabriel Alan, calls “the Trump Effect of whitewashing and absolving this rightwing system.”...
 “Their fixation on Trump,” Vivek Jain writes me from Virginia, “allows them to ignore the wickedness of capitalism and of the US government.”
“Trump is a great distraction,” Tom Wetzel writes me – a “cover for elite interests: ‘if only there wasn’t some obviously racist clown in the white house everything would be cool.’”..
...things would be just super if the Wall Street War Hawk and arch-elitist “Queen of Chaos” was back in the White House. You betchya!...The solution to everything wrong in the world for liberals is getting a corporate military Democrat in the White House...maybe Oprah Winfrey. Or Michelle Obama.
The whole "Lazy Liberal" article should be read. It gets us angry at those who others seek to forge alliances with.

After that then read "Oprah for President. Really?"  by Mike Whitney on the same website.

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Tim Hart said...

We have our own Punch and Judy show this side of the Atlantic, although not quite so graphic and hysterical and is in the United States. Demonising the Tory government and eulogising the prospect of Corbyn Labour Government is just as trite. Misrepresenting them as radicalically different choices when they are in fact two sides of the same capitalist coin is disingenuous. A Corbyn led Labour Government will be no more socialist than was the absurd label of socialist that Bernie Sanders sought to attach to himself during the Presidential Democratic nomination race against Hilary Clinton. The fabrication of the illusion of choice in the US and the UK which has befuddled the electorate in the past is seen by more and more people as a cynical attempt at manipulation by a bankrupt political system.