Tuesday, December 12, 2017

THE ROYAL NUPTIALS! (Part Two) (weekly poem)


American Divorcée, Meghan Markle, & Prince Harry are to wed in
May (so as not to steal the limelight from Kate's April childbirth.)

A US divorcée will wed,
A feckless English Prince;
And some with quite long memories,
May pull a face and wince.
It could be a rerun of when,
Brash Wallis lured King Ed;
And sought the Windsor 'family jewels',
By schooling him to bed! (1)

Young Meghan is an immigrant,
So what will UKIP say?
(That's if they're still upon the scene,
To show all their dismay)
The EDL and BNP,
Will lead the racist pack;
She's foreign just like their St. George, (2)
Although he wasn't black!

The blue bloods of old England will,
Lock the doors to their stud;
As they won't want their lineage,
Diluted with dark blood.
From Tunbridge Wells, “Disgusted” will,
Send missives to The Times;
Accusing the Establishment,
Of anti-waspish crimes. (3)

He'll claim the British Monarchy,
Is doomed to go downhill;
Unless the Firm makes Meghan use,
The morning-after Pill.
The only consolation is,
There could be one worse scene;
As Jezza Corbyn could be King,
And Diane Abbott, Queen!

(1) King Edward the Seventh became infatuated with American
divorcée, Wallis Simpson, who reputedly knew exotic Oriental
ways of lovemaking. He caused a crisis by abdicating in 1936.

(2) St George, according to legend, was a Roman soldier of Greek
origin. King Edward III made him patron saint of England in 1350.

(3) White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.
© Richard Layton

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