Tuesday, November 14, 2017


(Apologies to G. Forrest, R. Wright & Alexander Borodin)

The Paradise Papers reveal how the international political
& financial elite screw the patriotic poor of every country.

When Bono warbled, “Feed the world”,
He mixed-up 'dough' with 'doh';
As no way tax avoidance means,
'Pro bono publico'!
Lord Ashcroft, patriotic Lord,
And Tory philanthrope;
Shows by his nom-dom status he's,
No xenophobic dope.

The Monarchy (God bless the Huns!)
The nation's family;
Continue running their affairs,
In total secrecy.
Prince Charles is named upon the news,
Investing funds offshore;
And has an interest to change
The carbon credits law. (1)

Race driver, Lewis Hamilton,
Flies to the Isle of Man;
For business refunds on his plane,
Used solely for his clan. (2)
The Government wrings its stained hands,
In mock displays of grief;
Whilst its officials help the sharks,
Gain unpaid tax relief.

Our so-called representatives,
Collude with the elite;
To help them in their daily quest,
To rob us and to cheat.
And that's why Capitalism,
It's known as the 'Big C';
As like its namesake it spends time,
In killing for a fee.

(1) Prince Charles lobbied for the carbon credits scheme to be extended as this would benefit the firm he's invested $3.9m in.
His chum Hugh van Cutsem told them not to reveal his interest.

(2) British & EU tax laws only permit VAT refunds on planes used predominantly for business and not for personal use as in this case. Manx tax officials met Hamilton at 6:40 am.

© Richard Layton

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