Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Puerto Rican Disaster

 Officials privately admit there is a massive shortage of meals in Puerto Rico three weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.
Officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) say that the government and its partners are only providing 200,000 meals a day to meet the needs of more than 2 million people. That is a daily shortfall of between 1.8m and 5.8m meals each day. More than a third of Puerto Ricans are still struggling to live without drinking water.
World Central Kitchen, founded by chef José Andrés, cooks and distributes 90,000 meals a day through a network of local chefs and kitchens. “There is no urgency in the government response to this humanitarian crisis,” Andrés said. “They have all the officials and armed guards at headquarters, but they have no information about the island. They don’t even have a map they can share about who needs food. Fema is over-paying and it is under-delivering.”
Conditions on Puerto Rico remain dire; just 16% of islanders having access to electricity. Less than 400 miles of the island’s 5,000 miles of road are open to traffic.

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