Saturday, October 21, 2017

The God of Profit

Pollution is deadly. So why does the environment continue to be abused and neglected?

Always the refrain "It's terrible. Something needs to be done!" Ans as another report revels the continuing damage to the world and its people, there is another chorus of indignant "It's terrible. Something needs to be done!"
 If things are so bad, why isn't it being fixed?
The simple answer is that our planet and its peoples are being sacrificed to the God of Profit. In the end, it's very much about money and healthy returns to the corporations even at the cost of our health. The root cause of most environmental problems is this economic system's need to accumulate capital, to always expand to compete with other businesses. We are victims sacrificed at the altar of profits, whether it is for the investors in the fossil fuel industry, the automobile industry, the chemical industry, or the food industry. Politicians and governments around the globe serve the God of Profit. 
It is time you and i began to become heretics and started to rebel against this religion of capitalism and its priests in parliaments.

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