Saturday, July 29, 2017

It's Not Enough M'Lud

The daughter of a tycoon is demanding £7.5 million from her ex-husband who is
a banker. (The Metro / 27~7~17)

     She said she should not have to rely on her very rich father. Hayat Alireza at 38
stands to inherit £100 million - but said it is 'unfair' to expect her father,
a Saudi Arabian industrialist, in his 70s, to look after her.

      Hossam Radwan, 46, paid her £2 million and a divorce lawyer refused her more
because of her inheritance.

       Alireza also told the appeal court judges her London apartment is too small.
We constantly read stories of people throughout the world who have nowhere
to live; and people who lack the basics to sustain life.

        Accounts like this gives more reason for a world of production for need and not profit,
a world without a ruling class.


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