Tuesday, July 25, 2017

FRANKENSTORM! (weekly poem)

 World leaders call a conference,
On average twice in each decade;
And promise (as per common sense)
To come to our Earth’s  climate aid.
But all their flatulence in lieu,
Of promised action everywhere;
Undoubtedly contributes to,
The atmosphere’s miasmic air!
But Global Warming will be stayed!
Pollution will be wholly cut;
Particulates from cars will fade,
Until there’s not one single smut!
 Vast sums are pledged with this in mind,
But most of these will come to nought;
Such promises tend to unwind,
However ‘green’ is the support.
Because reducing climate change,
Will only come at a vast cost;
And markets based upon exchange,
Resist their profits being lost.
 The system knows no other way,
It can’t react to human need;
Our planet’s atmosphere’s decay,
Is a grave portent it can’t heed.
So our Earth’s raped for what’s  the norm,
The lifestyle of the chosen few;
But in a doomsday Frankenstorm,
The privileged will join us too!
Thus our survival will depend,
Upon one final, fated choice;
Oblivion for foe and friend,
Unless we all act with one voice.
© Richard Layton

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