Tuesday, July 04, 2017

DROPPING THE BALL? (weekly poem)


June 17. A report has concluded that the C of E, including
former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, colluded
to cover-up the sexual abuse of young men by Bishop Ball.

March Onward Christian Soldiers to,
Respond to your God's call;
To bugger young men and adults,
Like Bishop, Peter Ball.
God may “Move in mysterious ways,
His wonders to perform”;
But sex abuse now seems to be,
Religion's freakish norm. (1)

This is, of course, a lesson in,
The sheer hypocrisy;
Of those “The Lord has chose” to lord,
It over you and me.
All the affected piety,
Each mumbo-jumbo word;
Exists to send the sheep to sleep,
In the unthinking herd.

A Palace for the Bishop to, (2)
Provide his humble needs;
And demonstrate how God gives thanks,
For his perverted deeds.
And all of this a fantasy,
Of prophets and trite rites ;
The priesthood profits from the young,
As sexual parasites. (3)

(1) Witness the multiple charges of sexual abuse against
Australian Cardinal Pell. (An advocate of priestly celibacy)

(2) Bishops Palace, Pitt Street, Gloucester.

(3) 1985, Louisiana. When a local paper exposed Catholic abuse,
the Bishop pressured Catholic businesses to withdraw advertising.

© Richard Layton

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