Tuesday, June 06, 2017


(Election Day, Thursday 9/6/2017)

Good Citizens! Vote for yourself,
Don't vote for Tweedledum,
Nor for his dead spit Tweedledee,
Who's equally as rum.
(The choice at this Election would,
Make anyone quite glum!)

Don't vote for Tory, Mrs May,
Whose faith and Christian views,
Are totally compatible,
With rising food bank queues;
But sadly middle England will,
Ensure she doesn't lose.

Don't vote for Labour's Corbyn though,
He says he's Red not Blue,
Coz when it comes to the Big C.
He hasn't got a clue.
It may be true that he's sincere,
But so was Hitler, too!

Don't vote for Farron's Libby-Dems,
As some have heard him say,
Despite his so-called principles,
He's slyly anti-Gay;
And would prevent abortion if,
He ever got his way.

Don't vote for UKIP's Nuttall but,
Affect your sad concern,
The sectioning authorities,
Have ordered his return.
The world is full of loonies but,
Some people never learn!

Vote for yourself, your comrades too,
The ones that you can trust,
The folks who really know the score,
A vote for them's a must;
Consign the frauds to history,
To fester in the dust!

© Richard Layton

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