Tuesday, May 16, 2017

IT’S ALL IN THE MIND! (weekly poem)


Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, said to Nick Ferrari
on LBC radio that Labour would put an extra Ten-thousand
Policemen on the streets for an absolute steal at £300,000!

With Labour’s extra police to come,
Their scheme’s been fully planned;
And costed at the bargain sum,
Of some Three-hundred grand!

With all these ‘Bogey’-men at large,
And Coppers going spare;
Each neighbourhood could have a Sarge,
To keep tabs everywhere.

The Rozzers could be down your street,
The Feds could be there too;
And the result of all this Heat,
Could all come down on you!

And then the Narcs would sniff around,
With all their pals, the Dicks;
Rogue cars could fill-up every Pound,
And Crims fill all the Nicks.

What with ‘The Bill’ upon the beat, (1)
‘The Sweeney’ in their cars; (2)
It could look like the ‘Z-Cars’ fleet, (3)
Combined with ‘Life on Mars’! (4)

But sadly, all this Fuzz-y gen,
Is all in Diane’s mind;
Which isn’t saying much, but then,
We mustn’t be unkind!

(1) ‘The Bill’ TV police series 1984-2010.
(2) ‘The Sweeney’ TV police series 1975-1978.
(3) ‘Z-Cars’ TV police series 1962-1978.
(4) ‘Life on Mars’ TV police series 2006-2007.

© Richard Layton

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