Tuesday, May 30, 2017

CELIBACY RULES-OK? (weekly poem)


The Catholic Church has a shortage of trainee priests
and may consider a relaxation of their celibacy rule.

The Catholic Church is short of priests,
So may amend its rule;
To now enable married men,
To answer to the call.

Such is the Vatican's disdain,
For the whole human race;
It couldn't bear for normal men,
To show their actual face.

Thus as from the 12th Century, (1)
It's eunuchs in long frocks; (2)
Have ministered the sacraments,
To their quiescent flocks.

The Vatican's fictitious world,
Attracts a certain kind;
Of those eccentrics who possess,
A otherworldly mind.

Reality for them exists,
Behind their secret doors;
Where sex-starved clergy formulate, (3)
A list of human flaws.

That they insist are quite innate,
Yet must be overcome;
A contradiction atheists,
Consider somewhat dumb!

(1) At the Second Lateran Council held in 1139,
all Catholic Priests were forbidden to marry.

(2) Some scholars believe Biblical references
to eunuchs may also include celibates.

(3) Wikipedia lists numerous Popes who disobeyed
the celibacy rule including Benedict IX who allegedly
practised sodomy, bestiality and arranged orgies.

© Richard Layton

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