Monday, May 29, 2017

Bored of elections? Try voting for a change.

Not enough profit, no production. That's the way the capitalist system works and why it should be replaced by a society based on common ownership and democratic control.

The General Election is here and your ballot paper offers you a dozen versions of the same old stew. But wait: there’s a morsel that's a bit more tasty: you can vote for the abolition of capitalism. You can say yes to forever scrapping this cock-eyed system that takes from the poor and gives to the rich; that preaches austerity for the 95% whilst the elite get yet richer; where millionaire leaders shed crocodile tears over poverty as they live in luxury. Somehow it has been sold to us that this is normal and only way to organise society.

The election coming up seem to be very similar to every other. Your vote is needed to clear up the present issue of the day and the party asking for it is the only party who can sort it out. But for all the promises nothing ever gets better.  Nothing ever gets resolved.  The solution isn’t around the corner; this has gone on for ages.  The political parties appear to be trying to clean a window with a dirty cloth and rather than swap it for a new one they harangue each other about how they use it. The Conservatives see nothing wrong with the dirty cloth, all that we need for a brighter British window is to apply it more firmly, roll up our sleeves and try a little harder.  UKIP see nothing wrong with the dirty cloth either, but feel its use should be guided by a purely British hand.  Labour is appalled!  Labour feels that by wringing out the cloth and changing how it’s applied will lead to a fairer, more prosperous window.  The Left feels this doesn’t go far enough, only by cleansing the cloth and a complete reorganisation of how the window is scrubbed will do.  No matter who takes charge, the vision of the future remains dull, there is only so much that can be done with a dirty cloth.

But we do possess a choice. We could share all the world, scrap capitalism and abolish the monetary system. We will not have achieved salvation but many of the idiocies of the current capitalist society will have gone: life will not be quite so problematic. No longer would the accountant who finds tax-havens for the rich to hide their wealth to avoid tax earn a thousand times more than the carers looking after the health of your old aunt – because there would no longer be wages.  No more wage slavery, just imagine.  You’d be able to do what you do and be able to take what you need.

You will no doubt be told it’s mad and totally unachievable.  But think what would have been said about the internet or triple heart bypass surgery 50 years ago. Human beings are incredibly intelligent – just look at how much and how quickly we can achieve things when we set our minds to it – and we in the Socialist Party are simply saying the world can be organised in a more intelligent way.  It cannot be seen as either intelligent or necessary that most of the wealth of the world is given to so few. All the other parties offer you some variant of what we have already – possibly a few more checks and balances. Sadly history shows that, whatever the government, the rich come out on top.  We are here to say it need not be like this.  Join in this election and vote for a change, vot for the Socialist Party's candidates. Every other political party believes that capitalism can be reformed and made 'better' .  In this sense the Socialist Party is unique. 

Our understanding is that our Earth is part of the universal offshoot of the Sun and has evolved over the vast period of time. Subsequently life developed and evolved and human society itself arose and developed with the changing ecology. It has been a wonderful evolution. The Socialist Party considers that our present 21st century society has now passed its zenith of useful development – “past its sell-by date” – as did past societies, the Hunter-Gatherers, the Greeks and Romans, etc.  We think that it is now time to take the next step. To replace the narrow, competitive, divisive, private ownership of the means of production with an open community of those means and true democratic control by all. To make this change, we have to understand and want it. Yes, we have to think about it – despite the constant control of the news. Yes, it is now possible. It is a basic society change for the better where all the human family give freely of their ability and in true democracy, having freely of their needs as produced. True Socialism.

Collectively, we have marvellous scientific and intellectual abilities, but the present system has inbuilt unbalances and conflicts and is inherently flawed and cannot act in the interest of the vast majority of men, women and children – to say nothing of the natural world. Let us rise to our true civilisation human nature and make our world a better place for us and all to come. Think about it! In the world today, the resources, technology and skills exist to feed, clothe and house every man, woman and child on Earth. United Nations agencies confirm this. So, why do people waste their time arguing about nations and borders i?
Whether they are for or against the EU, all the UK parties in the current parliament are united on one thing: one way or another all support a system of society (capitalism) which puts profit before people.

Does anyone really believe that the problems of the working people of this or any other country (“the 99%” who do all the work but see little to show for it) will be solved while the wealth of the world is controlled by a small minority? There is one party standing in this election which really wants to change things. We propose the establishment by peaceful means of a truly democratic society in which the majority determine how human needs are met. Working people everywhere already run society from top to bottom, but we run it for the people who own it, rather than for ourselves. If we owned the world in common, we could provide plenty for everyone. No need for buying and selling, just sharing and free access. Instead of spending our time fighting over scraps, we could work together to make life better for all.

The Socialist Party challenges all other parties because it knows that capitalism can only be run in the interest of the few.  For us the question is whether the “national interest” and the people’s interests are the same.  The answer is no.

The Socialist Party is part of the World Socialist Movement.  For 113 years we have organised without leaders practising real democracy.  A vote for us in the General elections is a vote for yourself.  Our goal is not to run capitalism for you in the interest of individual nations.  Our goal is to unite the people of the world so that we, the people, can run it in the interest of ourselves. We will not stand for starvation in a world that can feed everyone more than adequately.  We will not see those who work and create the wealth struggle while those who manipulate thrive.  We will not see the environment destroyed in the name of profits.  We will not see honest, hard working people turned against each other in war to serve a minority’s interests.

The Socialist Party calls for socialists, then their votes. Don’t waste your vote supporting politicians who promise to solve your problems but never do.

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