Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Australian humanitarianism?

For more than a year, camp managers and security staff have waged a campaign to make Australia’s detention centre for refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island as inhospitable as possible, to coerce those recognised as refugees into leaving the detention centre and accepting resettlement in Papua New Guinea, while pushing asylum seekers to abandon their protection claims and return home,  leaked documents reveal.
One man inside the detention centre, explained, “PNG management, all the camp managers, they are all trying to pressurise us to go back to our countries, even when they are trying to resettle us in PNG. They not want to resettle us in PNG. They are trying to traumatise us and torture, to send us back to our home countries, and torturing us by their way, slowly, slowly they are killing us from minds and physically torturing us inside, the mark isn’t showing on our bodies, but we are dying. Our health is growing very worse, mentally sickness is going high level, everything is bad but they still put pressure on us.”

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