Sunday, April 16, 2017

Press Release

Socialists say ‘big change’ is needed to solve care crisis

In its manifesto for the Kent County Council election on 4th May, The Socialist Party of Great Britain claims that solving the crisis in health and social care will require far bigger change than the other parties are suggesting.
"Ever since the NHS was founded, both Labour and Tory governments have been forced from time to time to cut spending on health to improve their finances. However well-meaning they may be, none of their policies can change this”, the Party claims.
The Socialist Party, which campaigns for the shared and democratic ownership of the earth’s resources, with all goods and services produced for use rather than for profit, is standing two candidates in Folkestone.
Max Hess, the candidate for Folkestone East, said “The current crisis in the health care market is a pressing example of why change is necessary. Why are there longer waiting times for medical treatment, increasing delays in ambulances and warnings of a collapse in social care?”
“The problem is today’s outdated system where finance determines what can, and cannot happen. Funding has been cut while the number of people over the age of 85 rose by a third. Now Kent faces, even more, cuts in health and social care of up to £486 million,” he added.
“Capitalism and its monetary calculations have created an artificial shortage of services to treat and care for patients. We suggest a better way,” said Andy Thomas, candidate for Folkestone West. “At a time when we can easily feed, house and care for every human on the planet, it no longer makes sense to use money to ration access to everything we need. When the majority of people agree, we can peacefully change that. We are asking for change to start in Folkestone on May 4th.”
Robert Cox
Election Agent
The Socialist Party Of Great Britain

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