Friday, April 14, 2017

Guildford Street Stall (April 15)

Saturday, April 15, 
12:00 PM
Tunsgate Arch
High Street, Guildford

 Saturday, 22 April and 
Monday, 1 May from 12noon till 3pm

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ajohnstone said...

The first Party literature stall in Guildford for thirty years took place in Guildford yesterday. A couple of people asked where we had been but as their memory didn't go back that far they were more likely thinking of some other group with "socialist" in their name which had a stall more recently, probably the SWP. Gave away leaflets and talked to people, including an admirer of Bernie Saunders and a Brexiteer (Guildford voted Remain).

A distraction was created by a historical renactment society, or rather a myth enactment society, with a man made up to have bruises all over carrying a hugh cross up the steep hill that the High St is surrounded by men dressed as Roman soldiers shouting abuse at him. A horrible spectacle but then the symbolism of christianity -- suffering, death, crucifiction, blood, and the ancient equivalent of the gallows as their logo -- is horrible. But a couple of Roman soldiers did come over and ask for our leaflet.

Afterwards we leafletted another area of the constituency, a third of which has now been covered.