Tuesday, April 11, 2017

DON’T KNOCK ‘THE ROCK’! (weekly poem)

(apologies to Bill Haley & His Comets)

Lord Howard (former Tory Leader, Michael Howard)
has stated that Britain would go to war with Spain if
Brexit resulted in Britain losing the Rock of Gibraltar.

“We must save Gibraltar from Spain,
Mrs May will risk war for ‘The Rock’ ”;
A Tory is at it again,
And talking the usual cock.

“If we lose Gibraltar this time,
The Empire will cease to exist”;
Lord Howard’s not talking in rhyme,
(Allegedly he was half-pissed!)

“Send ships down Iberia’s coast,
And let’s singe the King of Spain’s beard;
Our boys will eat Dagoes for toast,
We new ‘Lizabethans’ are feared”.

“If we lost hold of Gibraltar,
We’d be in the direst of ‘Straits’;
And sacrificed on the altar,
Would be the UK’s source of dates”! (1)

But Britain now faces new squalls,
We’re facing one more awful plight;
Spain’s grabbed the UK by the balls,
And annexed our own Isle of Wight!

(1) The Straits of Gibraltar link Europe to North Africa
and the Moroccan, Tunisian and Egyptian date trade.

© Richard Layton

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