Friday, January 27, 2017

What about human nature?

  Assuming that socialism has been established, with men and women having free access to whatever they require, our opponents have envisaged a continuous mad rush to the distribution centres. "Everyone will become a glutton, universal greed will be the order of the day. "

 Sorry, but we could not disagree more. Remember, socialism can only be established when the vast majority are socialists. This presupposes a socially and politically mature population, who will understand the meaning and implications of socialism They will have been students of capitalism, prepared for the social obligations of socialism.

 And so we come to the absurd, hypothetical situation where we are told that people will react and behave like lunatics. For example, can you tell us why you would want to go to a distribution centre and take home a hundred suits, when you know that society can produce as many suits as it wants or needs at any time? All you would have to do when you are in the mood for a suit would be to go and take one, or two, or three, or more. But to indulge in hoarding within socialism is to conceive of a reaction and a conduct that takes place under capitalism.

 Capitalism is the system that instils fear and insecurity into people making them behave in such a fashion. Change the material conditions of the environment and the behaviour pattern of people will change also.

 All physically normal people have intelligence. This intelligence, harnessed to socialist knowledge, will assure society that the vast majority will act with social consciousness and comprehension, and control if necessary, when the material conditions of society have been changed from capitalism to socialism.

 We are further chided, "But who will want to work under socialism?" Again, socialism requires socialists and socialists will be only too anxious to give to society according to their individual ability. It would not bother us one iota if certain individuals wanted to stay in bed all day under socialism. We would be unconcerned because of the realization that the vast majority will not, and cannot, act in such a fashion. It is the nature of the human to be active and productive. Anyone wanting to stay in bed all day within a socialist society, or who will not share in the work, will be in a very distinct minority, probably in need of medical attention.

 It is the conditions of work under this system that people despise. The fact that you are working for a boss, barely making ends meet; the fact that you can be fired or out of work at short notice: the fact that jobs can be monotonous and injurious to health. But. change the conditions, as they will be in socialism, and people will react to work in a completely different way.

 History will show that manners, laws, customs, religion, and morality have been in a constant state of revision and development As the material conditions , have altered so has man's reactions. Human behaviour is affected by the prevailing social circumstances.

 Capitalism creates wars and people become warlike and will fight and kill. The competition in the market place between capitalists seeking an outlet for their commodities, and workers competing with each other for jobs and-job seniority, breeds characteristics that are the antithesis of social desirability. But, revolutionize the basis of society to cooperation, mutual aid and – people's behaviour will undergo a fundamental change accordingly

 We find nothing at fault with human nature, only in the ideas that people at present hold in relationship to the world in which they live. Our accusing finger is directed at capitalism. There is nothing in human nature that will create a barrier either for the establishment of socialism or for its operation.

 If men and women are prepared under capitalism to make the supreme sacrifice, mistakenly of course, of giving their lives, limbs, and children in the wars. cause they believe, erroneously, that they are fighting for ideals such as freedom and democracy, whereas in reality they are fighting for the property issues, markets. trade routes and spheres of influence of their respective ruling class: then we say men and women who will ultimately acquire socialist knowledge will have the human qualities to do whatever is necessary to make socialism work.

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