Thursday, January 19, 2017

These are undeniable facts

  The technological means of the modern age make it possible for everyone in the world to live a comfortable, safe, interesting and happy personal and social life, with all our needs provided, and totally free from hardship, misery and the constant frustration, worry and embarrassment of not being able to afford what we require.

    Modern production techniques are entirely capable of providing an abundance of nutritional food for many times the present world population. There is no need for anyone anywhere to starve, to lack nourishment or even to make do with cheap substitutes.

    There is enough raw materials, knowledge and manpower in the world to ensure comfortable hygienic accommodation for everyone everywhere. It is possible for everyone to live in houses which are safe, weather-resistant, fitted with up-to-date appliances and decorated and furnished according to individual taste. There is no need for anyone anywhere to be homeless or to live in poor, dangerous and ill-equipped accommodation.

• There is enough combined energy resources – coal, gas, nuclear, oil, electricity, solar, wind and water – for all necessary power, heating and ventilating requirements to be provided. There is no need for anyone anywhere to die or to suffer illness or discomfort because of the cold in winter.

    It is possible to produce enough machines, resources and equipment for all hospitals to provide the very best medical treatment for everyone. There is no need for anyone anywhere to endure aggravated suffering by being denied, or having to wait a long time for, proper care and attention.

    Today's technology makes it possible to recycle nearly all domestic and industrial refuse. There is no need for excessive wastage and no need for anyone anywhere to live in an unpleasant, polluted, unhealthy environment.

    Modern mechanisation and electronics make it possible to eliminate nearly all unsatisfying, obnoxious and dangerous work. There is no need for anyone to spend their life in monotonous and unfulfilling jobs and no need for anyone to suffer the acute boredom, depression and anxiety of having no work at all.

Advances in science, technology and knowledge have long since made it possible for a completely new form of society to be established worldwide whereby the means (land, factories, energy resources, machines, tools, raw materials) that produce all the goods and services (food, accommodation, clothes, medical facilities, transport, communications) that all people need to live are owned not by private firms or governments but by every one of us in common, regardless of age, race or sex.
A society whereby:
• money, wages, buying and selling will serve no function; they will no longer exist.
• each one of us will be able to take quite freely from whatever is readily available, according to our own self-determined needs.

    each one of us will be able to contribute towards providing society's needs by working quite voluntarily, according to our own willingness and ability.

    each one of us will have unrestricted freedom of the earth; there will be no 'national' boundaries separating various regions of the earth.

    • the general administration of society's affairs will be organised democratically by and in the interests of all the world's population, ensuring that the needs of people everywhere are met; there will be no leaders or governments making decisions for us.

(from a 1982 “World of Free Access” leaflet)

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