Monday, January 30, 2017

Stoke by-election

Another UKIP by-election challenge

So, UKIP is standing their new leader, Paul Something, to contest the Stoke Central by-election next month, to give voters there an opportunity to kick both the government and its lame opposition.

 And, why not? We all know that the Tories and Labour are no use to us: they have a reverse Midas touch that turns everything to muck. What could be finer than to give them a kick up the pants to get them to smarten up their act?

 Except, of course, that this is an invitation to give ourselves a good kicking.

 That's what government is there to do, to kick on behalf of the people who own the world. A shoe on the UKIP foot would kick us as hard as one on Labour's or the Tories'.

 You can protest vote all you want, but if your call is for a different government, all you'll ever get is kicked. Real power comes from wealth. So long as the tiny minority own the wealth, they have the power.

 So, to have democracy, we have to organise ourselves to take hold of that wealth, together. But, since the wealth is controlled worldwide, we need to organise worldwide, without borders, in order to secure the control of the world's wealth for us all. Without that, we can have no democracy or power.

 We can make a start by letting other people know that we want this sort of revolution. In the by-election voters can do this by making a write-in vote: put 'World Socialism!' across their ballot paper.

 You don't have to vote for any wanna be leader. The more people who stand up for Socialism, the more able we'll be to link up, and force the change we need. Instead of scrapping to protect a tiny patch of the world, we'll have the whole to share.

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