Thursday, January 26, 2017

Advocate socialism

Capitalism is obsolete

 We advocate Socialism, a system of society without wages, money, prices, or profits. In brief, a non-capitalist society. The means of production will be owned in common by society as a whole and democratically administered. The goods produced will be available to everyone. The keynote of Socialism is summed up in the phrase "from each according to ability, to each according to need".

 Socialism is necessarily a universal conception. It is impossible for Socialism to exist in one country while the rest of the world remains based on capitalist competition and profit seeking. The establishment of Socialism throughout the world will mean the elimination of the capitalist struggles for markets and profits, and therefore will eliminate the chief cause of war.

 Socialism is an administration of things and not a government of people. It is concerned with production and distribution for use only. It is a society where the full and free development of the individual shall be the ruling principle provided the individual does not interfere destructively with the wishes of the majority. Order and harmony is to replace law and coercion. The act of establishing Socialism must be a revolutionary act ― the capture of political control for the purpose of transferring the ownership of the means of life from the present capitalist class to society as a whole. The workers must be fully conscious of what they are doing and the majority of the population must be in favour of the change to Socialism.

 The basic feature of capitalism is that on the one hand the means of production are owned by a minority of the population ― the capitalist class, while on the other hand the vast majority of the population ― the working class are wage or salaried workers who do not work for themselves but for the capitalist owners. Another important feature of capitalism is that production is carried on primarily for the purpose of making a profit.

 The source of this profit comes from the exploitation of the working class by the capitalists. Depressions, economic insecurity, inequality of incomes, unemployment, and the possibility of another catastrophic world war ― this is what capitalism has to offer the working class. It does not offer a solution in the quest for peace, security and abundance nor the free development of the individual.

 While not opposing the efforts of the workers to obtain more of what they can under capitalism, as a Socialist organization we do not advocate reforms or engage in the struggle for them. Understanding that the solution for the workers is not in trying to make capitalism work in their interest, we do not dissipate our energies in trying to reform capitalism, but concentrate on the task of preparing socialists to introduce Socialism and abolish capitalism.

 The relationships of wage, labour, capital, and market economy exists in every country in the world today. Capitalism is international. No government can lead the way to Socialism, it merely carries on capitalism in the interest of capitalism. Nationalization is state-controlled capitalism and state capitalism is not socialism. We contend that capitalism cannot be reformed in the interest of the whole of society, we contend also that it can be superseded by a better, higher social order. It is to this end ― that of changing the economic system we direct our efforts. Capitalism has long since served its historic mission of introducing a socially necessary technological age.

 Let us free this modern technology from the shackles of the profit motive and allow it to develop its energies for the sole use and benefit of humankind.

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