Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Gulf Cooperation Council - UK’s Allies

Bahraini police after dispersing protesters earlier this year (Getty Images)
Police fired live ammunition into crowds during the Arab Spring protests
Authorities have shut down newspapers and TV stations that air criticism of the Government
Security services used torture in response to protests – with methods so extreme they resulted in deaths
The British think-tank, the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, that bills itself as a global authority on military and diplomatic affairs has secretly received £25m from the Bahraini royal family

Saudi Arabia
Accused of committing war crimes in its on-going military campaign in Yemen
Women’s rights severely curtailed
Death penalty by beheading followed by crucifixion of bodies in use

Hereditary monarchy with no democratic institutions
Tight restrictions on protesting and freedom of assembly
Reporters of journalists and activists critical of government ‘disappearing’

Builders at work on the construction of a new office site in Qatar (Getty)
Forced labour of migrant workers with hundreds of deaths reported on major projects
Flogging enforceable as a punishment under Sharia law for drinking alcohol or ‘illicit sexual relations’
Death penalty or prison sentences for gay people

United Arab Emirates
 No democratically elected government
Has not signed international human rights and workers’ rights treaties
Death penalty or prison for gay people

Stateless minority groups lack citizenship rights
All citizens must provide DNA samples to government

Far-reaching restrictions on freedom of speech and criticism of the Government

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