Friday, December 09, 2016

Science, Revolution, and Society

The equilibrium and counteraction of some atomic systems, starting from small extends to polymeric structures. The valence or the assembly of molecules depends on the framework of molecular orbital and solid state structures. This molecular orbital system is extended to develop algorithms for calculation of topological indices and to deal with problems involving reaction in networks. We have seen various valences of chemicals in the laboratory and how the chemicals are changed in colour. This is a disguised revolution in the organic world which was organic originally. I always respect to the chemists regarding this. We have seen how do the electric bulbs are blazed through the framework of the molecular orbital. This is another revolution in physics. Everyone knows the rotation of the solar system in her own orbital and the retardation of the Earth’s rotation by the tides indicates the doom of this system. This is the law of dialectics in nature which has been discovered by the scientists, I also respect to the physicists regarding this.  All these have mass recognition because these revolutions have been discovered.

Such is also the struggle for emancipation from poverty as a social task. You cannot achieve the emancipation from slavery until a social revolution is begun by us. We have come to understand this phenomenon, that the social revolution will be reached through this material basis.  When you want to access your daily basis life, then you have to face to different monetary problems and to fight so many austerities. The social scientists are pathfinder of the socialist revolution to eliminate these austerities. Have you seen any scientific activity into the money circulation? We got an alienation activity between these circulations C-M-C’ and M-C-M’.  Socialists aware about the various class struggles and they know through the materialist conception of history how the future struggle will be brought about. Without the collective socialist consciousness a peaceful social change is not to be expected, so if any organisation tries to change society through the action of a vanguard the newly born society cannot be peaceful. The existing antagonistic social disorder must be abolished. As chattel slavery changed into serfdom and serfdom changed into wage slavery, so wage slavery must be changed into a socialist society. Who would have thought that an aeroplane would fly in the sky before one did in 1903?  The material basis for this social change exists. It just awaits mass consciousness and recognition.  I respect to the Socialists regarding this.

Gorachand Paramanik


globalsocialist said...

Are you the vanguard to measure the consciousness of the masses ?

matthew culbert said...

No, we are members of the working class, presently organised for socialism.