Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Mediterranean: The Watery Grave of Refugees

More than 240 refugees died in The Mediterranean this week. Latest death tolls from recent Mediterranean shipwrecks lift total the number of people who died this year to over 4,500.

"In the face of this new and shameful record, the European Union cannot continue to pretend nothing is happening and make itself an accomplice to this ever greater tragedy," said Tommaso Fabbri, the Italy head of MSF, earlier this month. "There is an urgent need for safe and legal ways for desperate people to reach safety in Europe without risking or losing their lives," added Fabbri.

Pope Francis added his voice and has called the situation of the refugees "shameful" and "a bankrupcy of humanity".

"What has the world come to, if when a bank goes bankrupt, scandalous sums of money immediately appear to save it, while when this human bankruptcy [the migration crisis] happens, not even a thousandth of those sums are ready to save our suffering brothers and sisters," he said. "The Mediterranean has become a graveyard, and not just the Mediterranean. There are many graveyards near walls, walls stained with the blood of innocents."

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