Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Privileged Parents = Success

"us and them"

Nearly half of UK adults believe where people end up in life is mainly down to their background and parentage. Only 29% of people questioned think the UK is a country where everyone can succeed through talent and hard work.

More than half (55%) of adults thought children from privileged backgrounds were more likely to get a place at university than those from less well-off homes
Half said these young people had better opportunities to get a foot in the door of the workplace by securing work experience or unpaid internships
Almost half (45%) thought those from poorer backgrounds had less opportunity to earn high wages than their better off peers
One-third of those surveyed said they could not save any money each month.

The Social Mobility Commission head, Alan Milburn, warned "It is no surprise that populism of right and of left is on the march when a growing number of people feel like they are losing out unfairly.”

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