Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ETON UP BY FAILURE! (weekly poem)


An Essex Psychotherapist states that David Cameron’s resignation as
PM and then as an MP was because he would be ignored and seen as
a failure - and that his fragile ego could not cope with such a situation.

Recall the ‘Big Society’, (1)
What did it signify?
A sea-change in morality?
Or more pie in the sky? 

Remember the Cons brand new role,
How they would be so ‘Green’;
Dave on his sled at the North Pole, (2)
And all not worth a bean.

His pledge to end Child Poverty, (3)
Contained no ‘ifs or buts’;
And then we had austerity,
Slashed benefits and cuts! 

With our fifth largest GDP,
Still Dave was firing blanks;
Bank bonuses became the key,
And funded our Food Banks.

So graft like Dave, then at a squeeze,
You’ll go to Eton too;
Provided Daddy pays the fees, (4)
You then can jump the queue. 

To being PM with the fame,
Of being at the top;
‘Tis pity this high jump became,
A f… f… Fosbury Flop!

(1)‘The Big Society’ 2010 Tory Manifesto. After slashing
grants to charities, the phrase was dropped from 2013.

(2) ‘Hug a Husky’-2006. After claiming he would lead the
“Greenest government ever”, Cameron later cut energy
efficiency programmes and renewable energy subsidies.

(3) In 2006 Cameron described poverty as a "Moral
disgrace". His government later cut Child Tax Credits.

(4) Eton College Annual Fee: £34,434.

© Richard Layton

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