Tuesday, September 13, 2016

UNIFORMITY (weekly poem)


The Guardian, 7/9/16. ‘Police called after
school turns away pupils for wrong uniform’.

Make all the kids identical,
So they all think the same,
And each becomes a number in,
The big employment game.
School’s not for education but,
Exists for this job aim.

Ensure school uniform looks posh,
As image is today,
The raison d’être for everything,
And therefore holds great sway;
They want a class of Tweedledums,
Who’ll simply just obey.

It won’t be up to kids to think,
The bosses do that job;
Their task will be do the work,
And be a mindless blob;
Go to their bingo, watch TV,
And be a gormless slob.

The market system’s crept into,
All aspects of our life,
It’s profit ideology,
Is in a nutshell, rife;
Both in the workplace and at school,
It’s the main source of strife.

© Richard Layton

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