Thursday, July 14, 2016


(Apologies to Remus Harris and Arthur Strauss)

Theresa May’s first speech as P.M., praised David
Cameron’s record - and then reeled off a lengthy
list of social/economic ills she claims she’ll rectify.

Good St Theresa’s come to lead,
All of our people to;
The Promised Land for everyone,
Not just the wealthy few.
And if you swallow that, your head
Needs a good seeing to.

She’s here to serve us British and,
To unify us all,
Though Labour Party unity’s,
A somewhat awkward call;
In fact you’d need a riot squad,
To separate that maul!

The six years under Cameron,
Have brought us such good cheer,
That Mrs May may have to be,
As equally austere.
And though George Osborne’s on his bike,
It could be as severe.

Low wages and Health Service cuts,
Poor job security,
Food banks and mental health issues,
Due to ‘Austerity’;
Such is the record of D.C.,
For all posterity.

It’s jam tomorrow once again,
The same old rotten claim,
There’s always, “So much more to do”,
In the same rotten game;
We’ve seen ‘em come, we’ve seen ‘em go,
Each Government’s the same.

The double-chins at Westminster,
Hob-nob with each Grandee,
Whilst the peroxide harridans,
Take tiffin and high-tea;
But rest assured they won’t be there,
For either you or me!

© Richard Layton

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