Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sanders bows out

Many have been inspired by Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic nomination for president. Even the most cynical socialist acknowledges that he did much to bring back into the political discourse in the United States the ideas of socialism. He legitimized the concept of socialism in electoral politics. He gathered around him many supporters, some who now pledge that they will continue their activities to achieve a more just America, independent of the Democratic Party machine which was always biased against Sanders who is now fated to become a footnote in American history. He now becomes just another in a long line of reforming politicians who have failed to change the basic nature of America’s political party duopoly.  

Sadly, the negatives out-weigh the positives now. Basing his argument on the lesser evil Sanders has endorsed Hilarity Clinton for president. Bernie Sanders had spent months of giving speeches where he denounced Clinton as a tool of the corporate elite in Wall Street and exposing her hawkish foreign policies. He condemned the greed and corruption of bought and paid for political power by the nation’s ruling elite. By endorsing Clinton he has gravely diminished what he accomplished. But Sanders’ achievement cannot be entirely credited to the popularity of his message. The unpopularity of Clinton undoubtedly played a part.

The focus of those in the socialist movement must now be to make it a more powerful factor in the years to come. 

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