Wednesday, May 04, 2016


On 5th May, Brian Johnson of the Socialist Party will be standing in the Welsh Assembly elections for Swansea West.  

Workers have no country. Self-determination for "nations" just equates with freedom and self-determination for a ruling class. It must be opposed in favour of self-determination for people, concretely and actually in their own lives. It must be opposed by socialism. One of the strongest holds the capitalists have over the minds of the workers is given by the workers' ready acceptance of the dogmas of patriotism. True, there has always been a widespread dislike of foreign rulers, however, the workers' only useful aim is to dethrone the capitalist class. It has nothing whatever to gain by assisting one group against another. We, as socialists, have no sympathy whatever with the demand for independence. We would no more assist them than assist the British government against them. A plague on both their houses! Too many of our fellow-workers are still very much the victims of the mental disorder called patriotism. Socialism is a sane society, where the means of life will be owned in common by the whole of the world socialist community. In socialism, the rule of life will be: from each according to ability, to each to according to need. There will be no buying and selling, just free access in a free world for a free people. It could be like that now, so why not do something about it? The world is ours for the taking. So why not take it?

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