Tuesday, May 10, 2016



Senior officers in South Yorkshire Police conspired after the Hillsborough
Disaster to cover up their incompetence and blame the football fans. They
acted similarly at Orgreave Coking Plant and in the Rotherham sex scandal.

The Yorkshire Bobby, eeh by gum’s,
A friendly kind of plod;      
But Miners from the Orgreave Plant, (1)
Not in the mood for sham détente;
Say each one’s, ‘a reight sod’!
For young girls based in Rotherham,
‘The Force won’t be with you’;
As they’ll ignore the gross effects;
Of minors being groomed for sex, (2)
By the town’s gangsta crew.

And fans who went to Hillsborough, (3)
To watch a football game;
Did not expect the match police,
And its top brass to ‘breach the peace’,
And then to switch the blame.
We know that the ‘Establishment’,
Will often fudge and lie;
To keep its secrets tucked away,
And hidden from the light of day,
Out of the public eye.

Big Brother then will vacillate,
Impede, obstruct; delay;
So that complainants cannot cope,
And in the end they lose all hope,
And die or fade away.
It’s this pseudo-democracy,
That’s a complete deceit;
As shown by the South Yorkshire Force,
Who never showed signs of remorse,
And allus choose to cheat.

(1) Following a confrontation between the Miners and Police at Orgreave
Coking Plant, 1984, Police falsified charges against 39 miners which were
later dismissed in court. Governments have repeatedly ignored this scandal.

(2) Rotherham Police and Local Government turned a blind eye to
the grooming of underage girls in Council Care for sexual activities.

(3) A Coroner’s Jury found the 96 people who died at the Hillsborough
Football  Disaster were ‘unlawfully killed’- raising the prospect of criminal
prosecutions against top  police officers in South Yorkshire for manslaughter,
conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and misconduct in public office.

© Richard Layton

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