Monday, May 16, 2016

More on recent London elections

The London Elects site has now published the results by borough (and ward). Here are our results by borough:

Lambeth 729 (0.74%)
Southwark 604 (0.69)
Hounslow 504 (0.65)
Waltham Forest 496 (0.64)
Hackney 464 (0.60)
Kingston 293 (0.50)
Islington 333 (0.45)
Richmond 268 (0.35)

This confirms past experience that we do better in Labour areas than elsewhere, though it is not clear why this doesn't seem to be the case in Islington, especially as we have contested many elections there over the years. Or has it become gentrified but by Labour-voting gentry, so giving the false impression that it's still a traditional Labour area (both its MPs are Labour, including Jeremy himself)?

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