Tuesday, May 03, 2016

HOW GREEN WAS MY TALLY? (weekly poem)


Sir Philip Green bought BHS in 2000 for £200m and sold it in 2015 for
£1. After dividends of £422m were mainly paid to him and his family,
the BHS pension fund deficit is now £571m and 11,000 jobs may go.*

Entrepreneurs, we love ‘em all,
Creating jobs and bucks; *
Not for themselves but solely for,
The lazy, undeserving poor,
Who’s attitude just sucks.

Despite such self-denial, they,
Are never short of dough;
Their total is what we’ve foregone,
Like millions of smackers on,
A yacht in Monaco; (1)

The public never seem to grasp,
They’re rich because we’re poor;
And we’ll get little more because,
The rich have their collective schnoz,
Inside the trough for more.

The wealth that all of us create,
They own through their ‘hard work’;
Whilst we get just the slops left in,
The universal rubbish-bin,
As workers simply shirk.
That’s why when we all go on strike,
And nothing is produced;
The propaganda changes and,
From spokesman of the robber-band,
The lies are then unloosed.

We unproductive proles then have,
The country by the throat;
The public swallow all that spin,
About the state the State is in,
And politicians gloat.

It’s time said public wised-up and,
Stopped being so damn keen;
On giving handouts to all those,
Who wear the emperor’s new clothes,
Like that spiv Philip Green.

(1) His yacht, Lionheart, costs £100m. He owns two other yachts, a speedboat,
a helicopter and a Gulfstream Jet. His personal fortune is estimated at £3.2bn.

© Richard Layton

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