Tuesday, April 12, 2016

RICH B’LEADERS! (weekly poem")


The leakage of the Panama Papers from Mossack Fonseca
has confirmed what some of us have known all along.

The secret’s out, our b’leaders are,
In it for their own good;
And like cold Iceland’s former ‘Guv’, (1)
When hands are peeled of each white glove, (2)
They’ve fingers in the pud!

And Cameron blows hot and cold,
Sidestepping when he can;
No doubt afraid of being sussed,
About the secret offshore trust,
Set up by his ‘old man’.

Three-hundred K from dad and now,
Two-hundred from his mum;
Will Cameron reveal this week,
The findings of another leak,
And that there’s more to come? (3)

The fact is that the great and good,
Have neatly stashed away;
In their own tax-avoidance haul,
The wealth created by us all,
Who they see as mere prey.

No doubt they’ll say without their lead,
We sheep would soon be lost;
The truth is quite the opposite,
So give each b’leading hypocrite,
A digital riposte!

And wake up voters everywhere,
You’ve no more an excuse;
Take every rich blood-sucking louse,
Our b’leader to the lion house,
And set the buggers loose!

(1) Iceland’s P.M., Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, resigned after it was discovered
that he’d transferred his offshore company’s millions to his wife for £0.70p.

(2) In China, a ‘white glove’ is a fixer who acts a front to hide the real owner.

(3) Channel Four hints that there are more details to come.

© Richard Layton

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