Friday, March 18, 2016

Socialism On The Street

CANTERBURY - Street Stall
Saturday, 19th March - 12:00pm
In the Parade pedestrian precinct from 12 noon
About 8 minutes walk from Canterbury East rail station and 10 minutes walk from Canterbury West rail station

Sunday, 20th March  11:00am - 1:00pm
Near Wood Green Library, 187 High Road, London N22 6XD
 About 200 metres south of Wood Green tube on the Piccadilly line


Anonymous said...

Just been handed a leaflet from the Labour Party supporting staying in the EU. Carries a huge union jack, talks of 'Britain being more powerful in europe' and the gink who gave it to me called me 'sir'.

ajohnstone said...

Canterbury Report:
Three comrades had to share the area with stalls from the Labour Party (campaigning on EU and the police election) and 2 of the EU out groups. The Tory MP was out there today, also the UKIP candidate from last year who came over to our stall for a chat after he recognised Rob.. Mandy and Rob also got recognised by a couple of other people from last year’s campaign.

Had some very interesting discussions, and have a new contact (politics student from the Uni) who may get us a speaking invite. Several people wanted to know our views on the EU referendum (we may do a leaflet for next time).

We kept stall going for 4 hours, despite rain, wind and cold weather; sold nine Standards and a pamphlet, and handed out lots of leaflets and back issues.