Sunday, March 06, 2016

Discussion Meeting on Religion (Brighton)

'As long as we have a master in heaven,
we will be slaves on earth'
- Bakunin 
'Thoughts on Religion and Socialism'

Tuesday, 8 March - 7:45pm - 9:45pm

The Brighthelm Centre
(Pelham Room - First Floor - lift available),
North Road,
Brighton BN1 1YD

(Please note change of day and time)

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ajohnstone said...

Strange how things sometimes don't work out as planned. Only eight people showed up last night (although we had 'apologies for absence' from six more, mostly due to illness). Two newcomers, one of whom turned out to be an extremely staunch defender of capitalism, quite possibly a young Tory, whose presence ensured that very little discussion took place on the advertised subject - religion.

However, a frequently heated exchange ensued for some two hours during which some real progress appeared to be made in the 'enlightenment' of this individual, very ably assisted by the other 'new face' who had reached an impressive and comprehensive understanding both of the status quo and of socialism (as we see it) quite independently of involvement with any political grouping or party. We certainly hope to see her again...

Next meeting, subject to room availability, arranged for Tuesday, 10 May.