Tuesday, January 19, 2016



The world-wide Anglian Communion has arranged a fudge
over the question of homosexuality and same-sex marriage
which one church source said is likely to collapse at any time.(1)

Repent all you vile Sodomites!
You’re heading for a fall;
Remember as you burn in Hell,
Jehovah’s incensed by the smell,
Inside the Devil’s citadel--
But Jesus loves you all!

The Anglian Communion’s,
Divided into two;
Between the righteous who hate gays,
(In their true Jesus-loving ways!)
And those in these enlightened days,
Who preach they love them true. (2)

Both sides claim they are privileged,
To know the mind of God;
Which to us non-religious souls,
Is a dispute that’s full of holes,
A contest with its own own-goals,
Which strikes us somewhat odd!

As if they can’t agree between,
Themselves as to God’s plan;
Then they’re in no position to,
Claim that their worldly view is true,
(As often they’re inclined to do)
To save their fellow man!

Of course all world religions claim, (3)
They solely know God’s will;
Then wonder why the sceptic’s mind,
Will find such ‘reasoning’ a bind,
And having heard such views opined,
Won’t swallow such a pill.

As each believer is in fact,
Almost an atheist;
As when it comes to other gods, (4)
Each person calculates the odds,
And sees it as a load of cods, 
That all these gods exist!

The atheist goes one step more,
And states what’s plainly true;
“All deities are make-believe,
Including those that you perceive,
In your attempt to self-deceive-
In short, yes, your god too”!

(1) The Guardian 15/01/2016

(2) African churches support life imprisonment for homosexuals
--whilst a North American church has consecrated a gay bishop.

(3) According to The Center for the Study of Global Christianity,
there were 43,000 Christian denominations in 2012 alone.

(4) There are in excess of 2500 known deities and religions.

© Richard Layton

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