Tuesday, December 01, 2015

IT WOZ THE S.P. WOT DUN IT! (weekly poem)


Less than two weeks after the SOYMB blog published poem about Lord Seb Coe, he quit his $100,000 p.a. Nike Shoes job.

Lord Coe has quit his Nike job,
And now he feels the pain;
A hundred grand ‘distraction’ that, (1)
Has now gone down the drain!

He’s works an eighteen-hour day--
Hard graft to fight the graft;
As suddenly he’s closed the door,
To stop a nasty draught.

Next stop will be in Parliament,
Where no doubt he’ll be keen;
To say why one games will be staged,
In Nike’s town, Eugene. (2)

It’s marvellous how public types,
Are driven to do good;
Although such goodwill’s often fed,
By spoonfuls of rich pud! (3)

(1) ‘Distraction’: an increasingly embarrassing
situation which forces a person to eventually
resign a cushy job after clinging to it desperately.

(2) He is due to appear before a Parliamentary Committee
to explain why the 2021 World Athletics Games are being
held in Eugene, Oregon, the home of Nike Shoes.

(3) He’s been a Nike ‘athlete’ on $100,000 p.a. for
38 years - even though he gave up running in 1990.

© Richard Layton  

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