Tuesday, November 10, 2015



Although the House of Lords voted to delay Tax
Credit cuts, eleven Tory millionaires voted against
to uphold, “House of Commons democracy”.

Their Lordships to their credit have,
Delayed Tax Credit cuts;
To prove, despite debility,
And their inbred senility,
They’re not completely nuts!

The Chancellor to his dismay,
Will have to think again;
Instead of choosing to ignore,
The known effects upon the poor,
Of economic pain.

“Eight-Tenths of claimants will get more”,
Mouthed George the Tory toff; (1)
But having used his counting beans,
This sly bean-counter knows it means, (2)
Two-tenths will be worse off! (3)

Eleven Tory millionaires, (4)
Sobbed that ‘Democracy’;
And Commons votes had more import,  
Than hurting ‘lowly common sort’,
With added poverty.

With forelock tugged towards the Lords,
Will Shylock Osborne heed;
This warning shot across the bows,
Against his hard-nosed Tory vows,
Fired by that noble breed?

(1) Osborne’s first name used be Gideon: Hebrew ‘destroyer’.
He’s the son of Sir Peter Osborne, 17th Baronet and worth £4m.

(2) A "bean-counter" is one who nitpicks over small things in
order to save costs such as an accountant - or a Chancellor.

(3) The IFS states 13m families will be £260 p.a. worse
off and 3m of them an extra £1000 p.a. worse off.

(4) Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber flew in from New York
“at his own expense to uphold Commons democracy”
although he hadn’t voted in the Lords for 2 years.

© Richard Layton

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