Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Social Control Through Mass Media, and New Age British Patriotism.

This is a guest post from a non-member that we feel is well worth publishing:

Social control through mass media, and new age British patriotism.
The near constant media onslaught that continues to spew forth in response to Jeremy Corbyn's republican stance should come as no surprise considering the depths to which certain politically biased outlets regularly sink. A recent example was his heavily publicised decision not to participate in the National Anthem at the Battle of Britain Commemorations.

I have always found mass media to have a pernicious effect by contorting information into ambiguous captions, and unashamedly misdirecting audiences away from key issues with erroneous and barely intelligible articles, so it was with some reluctance that I picked up a couple of WHSmith newspaper offerings en route to London that week. As I settled myself in for the journey I began breezily scanning the pages until I came across a column with the clamorous headline "Silent Corbyn is an utter disgrace". I was dumbfounded at some of the selectively appointed responses, a couple of my personal favourites were - "I'm a life-long Labour supporter but that rude and disrespectful man will never be my prime minister" and "Sing you traitor. How is this man an MP let alone the leader of the opposition".

Naturally, the question arose; has this supposed blip by the newly appointed Labour leader really incited such a negative response? I was perplexed at how the populous had become so easily distracted and systematically manipulated with relatively minor trivialities in light of some of the most pressing issues of our time. Did these same people realise that Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) held a 4 day exhibition and conference in London that week? Where weapons dealers got the chance to showcase their murderous wares to the powers that be; a perfect occasion for visitors to find a new business opportunity (this was actually listed, verbatim, as a reason to attend). The primary purpose of such equipment is to KILL people; did that exhibit not warrant some form of vexed response?

Has national pride become a symbolic parallel of how one should be morally judged? Does singing an archaic and prejudiced anthem really qualify you as a patriotic Briton? To anyone who feels Corbyn's lack of involvement showed a dearth of respect for those being commemorated, do you not think it would be prudent to create a modern version that is more relevant and appreciative to those in remembrance? One of progression and hope, rather than a throwback to imperialist days that celebrates a crowned sovereign and a Christian deity in a culturally diverse and largely secular society?

The concept of a Monarchy and other establishments of hereditary peerage, such as the House of Lords, are outdated, and we should be asking ourselves how we can have a truly egalitarian society while we continue to place other mere mortals at the top of a hierarchy based on dynastic succession, financial superiority and birthright. Particularly when this hierarchy is only made possible via public taxation and the exploitation of other societies and the environment. Should we not be working towards an equitably structured social system for all, whilst breaking down the gradation of the class system and promoting peers based solely on merit, academic brilliance and humanitarian vision? Do we not need progressive-environmental and ethical thinkers that are free from corporate collusion, and who possess integrity, compassion and a desire to be altruistic? Rather than those with just skills of a rhetorical nature?

We are indoctrinated from a young age into trusting and passively accepting a hierarchy, whether it's the monarchy, religious institutions, the government or the policing system. We are taught never to question authority, to be a good citizen, pay our taxes and contribute our conformity to an economic and social structure that we had little involvement in formulating. Should Corbyn not be commended for standing by his Republican beliefs rather than compromising his principles?

In the face of the unimaginable human rights violations and eco-terrorism currently occurring throughout Europe and the rest of the world, alongside the largest mass migration of refuges in recent history; it has been fortifying to witness a vast and ever increasing awakening to the systematic deception of society. Communities taking direct action where their governments have failed, overriding a media premise that wishes to create an army of disassociated xenophobes who lack even the most basic empathy and solicitude. Unease looms heavily over the portion of the population who have traditionally given accreditation to the media via its various mediums; absent of any rational and critical thought, unwilling to break the disillusionment of their existence and make new lifestyle choices and changes.

We are losing biodiversity at an unprecedented rate; mass extinction of multiple species looms; our polar ice caps are melting due to global warming; we are witnessing eco-terrorism by big industry on a vast scale; industrial intensive agriculture and meat production is draining the land of its nutrients, biodiversity and polluting the atmosphere, our oceans are becoming dangerously depleted; seismic blasting by oil giants is disrupting delicate ecosystems and marine life; we are witnessing devastating deforestation and the unethical mining of minerals; monetary value has replaced the value of life and our planet; whole communities are living in abject poverty; the richest 1% of society has wealth equal to that of half of the world's population; our governments continue to arm and fund protracted wars; pharmaceutical industries are privatised. The list is extensive and ever increasing. Surely, if any issues are going to be unrelentingly forced into every home in Britain - it should be these.

It would be apt to liken certain media with a Petri dish that creates the perfect environment for breeding intolerance, segregation and detachment within the people. I truly believe one of the greatest threats to our society is misinformation mass-produced for public consumption. Ignorance is toxic and halts true progressive change. Scapegoating is commonplace, so it is imperative that we each take our share of the responsibility for facilitating the advancement and sustainability of our societies and environment. We must learn to live harmoniously and cohabitate this earth, which is owned by no-one. We must stop being arm chair activists and orchestrate ourselves so we can be autodidactic in affairs that affect each and every one of us. Now is the time for change.

A very wise man once said to me "I chose to take the red pill".


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