Tuesday, November 03, 2015

CONFUCIUS HE SAY… (weekly poem)


A light-hearted look at Chinese President Xi Jinping’s
October 2015 visit to Britain to sign a new trade deal.

Confucius he say human rights,
Are secondary to trade;
Especially when the money men,
See profit to be made.

Confucius he say China’s boss,
(A Tai-pan through and through) (1)
Is modern-day’s equivalent,
Of Dr Fu Manchu! (2)

Confucius he say Cameron,
And new chum Xi Jinping;
See their respective cash machines,
Ring ting-a-ling-a-ling!

Confucius he say Chinese state,
Is ‘Communist’ right through;
That’s why the many have few rights,
Unlike the Party few.

Confucius he say many things,
But finally he say;
That for the ‘Yuan Percent’ it is,
A Chinese takeaway!

(1) Tai-pan is Chinese for top boss.

(2) Dr Fu Manchu was a criminal mastermind
created by British writer, Sax Rohmer, using his
knowledge of London’s Limehouse Chinatown.

© Richard Layton   

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