Saturday, September 26, 2015

Razor Wire Makers Ban Its Use against Refugees

Razor-wire, unlike slightly barbed wire, is designed to rip and cling onto human clothing and flesh. It is commonly referred to in Hungary as ‘Nato wire’.

Mutanox, a Berlin-based fence company, was approached by representatives of Viktor Orban’s Hungarian government for razor-wire to complete a fence aimed at keeping refugees out of the company. But owner Talat De─čer refused to sell, despite knowing it would cost him roughly half a million Euro. His products, used mainly by security firms and some branches of the German government, are “not a bad thing if it prevents crime or stops criminals committing further offences. But the refugees are anything but criminals. They're harmless people who are running for their lives," he added.  “Hungary is misusing the Nato wire. Mr Orban takes it in his strike[stride] that people could hurt or even die from it,”

Another German firm, which declined to be identified, told Sputnik news it had also refused to make any deliveries to Hungary. “Children, caught in the wire, is a disgrace,” the CEO told reporters.

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