Tuesday, July 07, 2015

JUSTICE FOR ALL! (weekly poem)


Justice Secretary, Michael Gove, admits  there’s
a two-tiered justice system—so he wants lawyers
to work more free hours to plug Legal Aid cuts.

It’s claimed that English Justice is;
The finest in the world;
Although the flag of freedom has,
Become more tightly furled,
And Magna Carta’s parchment is,
Like old ham, somewhat curled!

Gove now demands that lawyers work,
More Legal Aid for free;
And so that’s more Pro Bono hours,
They must forgo their  fee.
So that our bankrupt Barristers,
Slave for a mere Bawbee!

Surprisingly it’s no hit with,
The legal status-quo;
Who set to lose a quid or two,
See no real quid pro quo,
And aren’t OK with the cliché,
‘Pro Bono Publico’!

Gove once again wants to repeat,
The things he did for schools;
That’s get up everybody’s nose,
And treat them all as fools,
Especially those that don’t adhere,
To his linguistic rules. (1)

But we should thank our lucky stars,
For his asperity;
That’s been forged in the  furnaces,
Of tough austerity
For if Gove was a diplomat,
We’d soon have World War Three!

(1) Gove is known to be a stickler for his version of  ‘correct English’.

© Richard Layton

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