Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Inequality by the Numbers - It's ALL About Money

July infographic  

from here

I, for one, am thoroughly sick and tired of reading such stuff as above and of reposting it for others to likewise become sick and tired of the same old stuff regurgited once more. Whether it's workers' pay or CEO remunerations, the hungry and homeless world wide, where the aid money goes and what it does or doesn't do, how many folk are dying each day trying to emigrate for a better chance at life, numbers of child mortality and mothers' deaths in childbirth, education - or lack of - in both rich and poor countries, the exploitation of the world's finite resources, endless conflict inflicted around the world, the huge numbers of unemployed or 'out-of-work' or the millions simply not recognised as they do what they can on the fringes of society. Men, women, children - from very young to very old.

It's all about the profit motive - money. This cannot be denied. Now we're at the point where the future, any future, for humankind and most other life looks pretty bleak and still we're on the same old roundabout wondering what will happen at the next 'important' climate talks in Paris later this year. Hearing that more vast amounts of money will need to be spent to counteract the effects of years of corporate plunder and government connivance. 

Why aren't more people listening and tuned in to the reality? There are those who are saying it's already too late so we might just as well go down quietly continuing to consume and they're probably well represented by such as the CEOs above. As for the rest of us, those who have a fundamental belief in egalitarianism, we would at least want to see the lifeboats distributed fairly as we rowed into the unknown buoyed up by the singing of the Internationale all around us.


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